The choices we make Grady Harp, September 13
David de Wolf makes a strong impression with his debut novel. He is technically facile as a wordsmith, writes with uninterrupted ease despite a story that by nature is dichotomous. (…) He captures the reader's attention with page one and holds that firm line of concentration to novel's end. (…)

The beauty of this novel is in the writing: de Wolf has a fine sense of observation as we flow through the great cities of Rome, Florence and on to the mysterious beauties of Sicily, and yet at the same time he offers the gift of introspection, suggesting that all that is important in life in living in the moment. And that is where the solace lies.

Masterful - a book to savor and ponder about Jan Heart June 6, 2013
(…) Told in almost poetical prose, this novel demands to be savored and not read quickly.  (…)
Touching, emotional, powerful, and thoughtful. This is a high quality novel that stands out from the many books we find today.

Soulful Michael Todaro May 9, 2013
'Solace of Stone' is a touching and complicated love story. (…) I recommend this book to fans of Proust's 'A la recherche du temps perdu', or anyone who prefers soulful and mature writing to shallow sensationalism.

Life, love and everything in between...top-notch story Thalia March 23, 2013
(…)  The story is beautifully written, as we gain a true insight into the characters, their feelings and their motivations. (…) Top recommendation.

Breathtakingly beautiful Ester June 6, 2013
Serious readers of fiction (and literature for that matter) should read this novel more than just the once. Its subtleties, architectural imagery, and analysis of life are all impressive. (…) David de Wolf's story of two lives (George and Charlotte) intertwined in the past and present is both dramatic and breathtaking. (…) A must book for all serious readers of fiction.

Captivating Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (8/13)
“Solace of Stone” by David de Wolf is an extraordinary story about life and love, filled with elements of drama, crime and mystery, and exploding with culture of the arts and music.  (…)  “Solace of Stone” by David de Wolf is captivating and it leaves you with a lot to think about, even after you’ve finished reading. 
5 stars.  A must read!

Rich and Poignant! Nicole Nathan April 15, 2013
I just finished reading Solace of Stone. It was such a beautiful read, I actually felt sad when I reached the last page and closed the back cover. As I did not want it to end, I started reading from the beginning, and was once again reminded how cleverly the story was developed. (…) Solace of Stone presents a world rich in culture, philosophy and ideas; a world that has been diminished in our present-day texting, surfing, superficial reality. I look forward to reading more by this gifted author.

A second chance at fate! Karma September 28, 2013
Solace of stone is an inspirational look at seizing the day and capitalizing on lost chances. (…)

A very intriguing read! Kristina Reading September 8, 2013
(…) David de Wolf has made a beautiful story out of art and architecture, which I believe is why this book is so interesting for me. This is a book that I will read again and again!

Meditative James Goulding May 10, 2013
David De Wolf's great novel is an extended meditation on a number of themes that concern adults as they approach late middle age.

Waiting for the next book… Dr. Ilan Perez April 20, 2013
(…) If you like art or even just life, this book is for you. 5 stars!

Exciting and powerful writing Sara Knight August 29, 2013
(…) The greatest aspect of this book, in my mind, is the emotion that the author imbues in the story. The writing is exciting and powerful. In fact, you will feel like you are there, having been taken into an entirely different and exciting world. All the characters seem genuine and real, and it has honest dialogue. (…) This thought provoking and at times touching novel which contemplates complex decisions as lived through the experiences of the main characters. Readers looking for an intelligent, sweet and sensitive story to enjoy in a night or two will not be disappointed with "Solace of Stone". I would love to read more from David De Wolf.

Emotional-Complicated-Simply A Great Read Rarebird May 20, 2013
David de Wolf has penned a great novel that poses a number of questions for those approaching middle age. (…) Add this one to your must read list today, you will be glad that you did.

First Class, First Book; Hope For More Marc J. Stern" April 12, 2013
Hopefully David de Wolf is more than just a "one-trick pony!" His "Solace of Stone" seems like it is the work of an accomplished author with lots of mileage on his word-processor (…)

Exquisite and unique rocket7001 March 28, 2013
Solace of Stone is a very unique book. There is a distinct story being told. The writing seamlessly weaves narrative with philosophy and psychology. This is not a simple telling of events, but rather the way the characters experience the things that happen to them. The story explores thoughts, ideas and dreams. (…) The writing itself is also very artistic and poetic. The characterization is poignant, and you will find yourself relating to both characters. (…) There are many deep and heartfelt moments in the text. The main message is one of triumph, and you will feel filled with hope as you read. (…)